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business class for companies

private classes for companies


At Brit English School we give and organise private lessons for all ages. They are called 1 to 1 as they are teacher-student classes, based on the students’ individual needs, which allows them to make the most of their time.

The main advantages of this modality are a greater speed in the student’s language development and lessons flexibility since we adapt to your schedule and learning pace. Before starting the lessons, we will test your current language level and will set the goals you want to achieve. You will be able to choose the timetable that better suits you, and you will have the opportunity to decide if you prefer 60, 90, or 120 minutes’ sessions on the weekdays you find more appropriate.


Private lessons for groups

Moreover, we organise private lessons for friends or family groups up to 4 people! You decide who you want to attend the class with, we only ask you to have the same language level so that you can make the most of your lessons.

In the chart below you can see our special fees.


1 to 1 for children and teenagers

At these ages we might find 2 cases.

The student does not assimilate the lessons given at School. In this case, we can help him/her not only do the homework and teach/reinforce the non-assimilated contents, but also prepare him/her for the exams. Depending on the student’s language development we can even further advance on the school curriculum.

The student successfully understands the language lessons at school. In this case, it is frequent that the most important thing is to focus on the language as a tool for the learner’s future. That is why we focus on the accurate development of all the linguistic skills which will allow students to be independent users of the language. Thus, making emphasis not only on a fluid and bilingual pronunciation, but also on a natural writing expression.


1 to 1 for university and adult students


University students: with our help you will be able to achieve the level and certificate you will need in your future professional career.

Adults: We can help you prepare for a job interview, or a business presentation, get an official certificate or improve your communicative competence.

In the chart below you can see our fees.



Service for companies

At Brit English School we offer a wide range of comprehensive services for companies.

Among our services, the most in demand are:

Business English Courses at your company.

Presentations coaching.

Simultaneous translation at meetings or events.

Files translations.

For a more personalised service you can contact us to the telephone: +34 877 072 975, visit us at 62 Rambla Nova, 4th 2nd, Tarragona.

Or filling in the contact form here, after receiving it we will get in touch with you and we will be able to arrange a meeting so that you can tell us your needs.