Christmas around the world

Christmas is one of the biggest and most enjoyable celebrations for people who belong to the Christian faith. However, Christians cannot be said to be the only ones to celebrate this holiday.

Together with globalization, Christmas has become a significant celebration in many countries around the world.
Christmas is celebrated with high spirits in various parts of the world, with Carols, feasts, gift-giving, prayers and wishes.

Although the ways to celebrate it, as well as the dates and traditions might vary, the spirit is always the same everywhere.
For many people Christmas is a festive season spreading over a week, but for others it is a month long festival.

So, in order to learn a bit more about it, this month we are going to get a glimpse of the different ways this lovely holiday is celebrated around the world.

When Christmas is Celebrated?

Yes! This question seems to require an obvious answer. December 25th is the date when most people celebrate Christmas. However, there are some other dates as well!


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