100% Online courses.

How are this courses held??

Our 100% online courses are given by Brit English School highly qualified teachers though our web platform.

Our platform is designed so that our students live the same experience they would live attending our classroom courses, but with the comfort of being able to connect from wherever you want. You will be able to join the class from a computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

You will online need a device, internet connection, and the book we will give you before starting the course.

Are the courses based on videos??

NO, they are not recorded videos. These are not the typical courses based on videos in which you have to see and learn on your own.

These are courses which have no difference with those we offer in our classrooms. Therefore, your teacher will teach all the lessons and give you advice in real time.

You will be able to interact with your teacher and your classmates. You will be able to ask all your questions and they will be answered instantly.

Our online courses are designed so that you can have all the advantages a classroom-based course has.

100% courses given by a teacher.

Who are these courses aimed at?

These courses are aimed at students from all the levels and ages. If you do not know which your level is you can click here and you will be able to take our online test.

Study groups are divided by ages and levels, so do not worry, all your classmates will be in your same situation.

Will I be able to take Cambridge official exams?

In Brit English School we are a certified Cambridge Preparation Centre. This means that either if you are thinking about taking a Cambridge exam or if you want to learn and improve the language, you can do any of our online courses with full guarantee.

Throughout this year there are multiple calls for the official exams. We will guide you and keep track of you learning development in order to advise you the best time to sit the exam and get successful results.

Will I be able to do speaking training?

Our courses have been specifically designed so that our students are able to develop their communicative skills through oral interaction in a natural way. That is why the lessons are not only focused on ‘Speaking’ but also on ‘Listening’ skills, as it is essential to appropriately understand a message in order to be able to interact in a successful way.

When can I connect to the lessons?

Below you can see the charts with the courses starting and ending dates. You will also be able to see the week days you will have them and the timetables you can join.

100% courses created and directed by the school headmaster.


Choose your schedule

In this table you can see the time slots and the different levels of our English Online courses. Choose the one that suits you!

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