Summer Intensive Courses for Children

Come! this summer to do our Intensive English Courses

At Brit English School we have prepared intensive English courses for children aged between 5-12 years old. The course is designed for parents who want to introduce their children in an English speaking atmosphere but without the inconvenience of moving them abroad. In this way children can learn while having fun with us in the mornings.

How are they

The courses will be taught by weeks, each week being an individual, different and thematic course. So you can decide what dates you should bring them to the academy without affecting learning.


Each week the course will be based on a particular topic (beach, mountain, camping, vacations, etc …), which every child will be able to identify in their environment, and when leaving the academy, they will be able to continue practising and relating what they have learned in their natural environment.

Each day, an initial lesson will be given to provide students the necessary tools to achieve an optimal development of the corresponding thematic activities. Books will not be used in order to make it easy for children to develop their imagination while learning English. Instead, they will enjoy learning through art workshops, theatrical performances of everyday situations, board games, role-playing games, songs, and a complete interactive system that will make their learning experience much more attractive.


Our method for children is that from the very beginning of the course they learn English naturally through the use of interactive activities based on their day to day. In other words, children will unconsciously link their prior knowledge with the new input and will therefore internalize it in a completely natural way. This methodology will also stimulate students interest, motivation, and curiosity, and will give learners a sense of purpose for learning.

Price: € 70 per week. (Monday to Thursday)
Dates: Every week from June 25 to September 14.
Hours: from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

To book a course, you must pay the 1-week rate.


15% Discount for registrations before March 30.

10% Discount for registrations before April 30.   

5% Discount for registrations before May 31.

10% Discount for students of Brit English School course 2017/2018.

*Non-cumulative discounts.

*Brit English School reserves the right to cancel the course in case of not having enough students prior to the return of the reservations satisfied.