Brit English School is a Cambridge Exams Preparation Centre.

Cambridge University has given us the official certificate which validates us as preparation centre.

This means that, if you are interested in getting one of its certificates, or even if you just want to learn or improve English, you can come to any of our attendance-based courses and your success will be guaranteed.

Brit English School
Your English Academy in Tarragona

In Brit English School our priority is to make students get the most enjoyment out of the best learning experience. With this goal in mind, we have carefully designed the methodology to be applied in our lessons as well as the characteristics of the space in which they will be carried out, our school.

We have developed a dynamic methodology based on flexibility, motivation and communication. Our teachers will be tailored to the specific needs of every group and learner. They will guide students through their learning process providing them with the necessary tools that will make them not only achieve their goals but also enjoy while doing so. Classes will be planned in order to activate all the linguistic skills in a dynamic way so that learners acquire and improve their communicative competence fluently and naturally.

First of all, we want to highlight that we strongly believe in the importance of interpersonal relationships and that is why our aim is to keep a direct line of communication between students, parents, teachers and managers. We do care about your doubts, interests and ideas. Therefore, in Brit English School we want to provide you with a friendly and personalized service.

Moreover, it is our wish to offer a convenient, pleasant and accessible location. The Rambla Nova, which is the main roadway in Tarragona and the centre of its citizens’ lives, has a privileged location, surrounded by schools, institutes, businesses, shops and at just 1 minute walk from many bus stops and 5 from de train station. That is why we trust our school, specifically located at 62 Rambla Nova, 4º 2º, proves to be easily accessible and pleasing to all our students.

Finally, many research undertaken on the impact that environmental and ergonomic conditions have on students’ performance prove our belief that the internal air quality, air circulation and thermal comfort, as well as the lighting, acoustics and classrooms’ size are some of the essential spatial characteristics to foster the creation of a quiet, comfortable and safe learning environment. So, as we want to remain faithful to our ideology, our school has the following characteristics.

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Natural daylight

All our classrooms have natural daylight, which helps conceiving a more comfortable and adequate atmosphere for students and it directly and positively affects their cognitive development.

Air conditioning

The Royal Decree 486/1997, points out that the ideal temperature for establishments in which sedentary jobs are carried out (like schools) is between 17°C and 27°C (62.6°F and 80.6°F). That is why we have installed an air-conditioning system which will maintain the appropriate temperature throughout the year.

Spacious classrooms

Our classrooms are large and comfortable since we consider that the space where the learning development is carried out is basic to promote a good cognitive performance.


We have Smart TVs and tablets in all our classrooms which will boost the interactive atmosphere that we want to create in every lesson and will also make possible the use of many digital tools that enrich the educational experience.

Comfortable furniture

Chairs in the classrooms are modern and elegant with excellent cushioning which makes them really comfortable. Tables are wide enough to allow students move easily and amply.

We hope our students and parents are able to live the best learning experience side by side with us and that coming to BRIT ENGLISH SCHOOL you love learning!

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