Get a grip


If someone tells you to get a grip (on yourself) he or she we’ll be asking you to make an effort to control your emotions or to behave calmly.

There’s also another meaning for this idiom. If you get a grip (on something) it will mean that you understand how to deal with it.

Examples to get a grip:

“Rob is crying constantly since he broke up with his girlfriend. He really needs to get a grip (on himself)!”

“This new app has helpful tips on how to get a grip on your finances. You should download it!”


This expression dates back to the nineteenth century in Britain.

It is claimed that the expression was originally used to refer to physical control of someone or something and it wasn’t until the late 1800’s that the definition was expanded to emotional and/or intellectual control.

A related expression is to lose one’s grip, or control over a situation. “Grip” by itself is believed to go even further in time, apparently to the 13thcentury.


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