Languages are constantly evolving and that is one of the reasons why they are fascinating. English, of course, is not an exception and the use of idioms adds character and life to this beautiful language.

If you want to speak English like a native, you shouldn’t avoid learning English idioms. However, we know this might be a rather puzzling task for any student, so as we want to make it easier for you, every week on our blog you’ll learn a new idiom, its meaning and how to use it.


Now, what is an Idiom?

Idioms are everyday words or phrases whose meanings are widely understood within a specific culture. Their use is natural to native speakers but the fact that their literal interpretation may differ considerably from their intended meaning is what might make them confusing for learners.
One typical example of the numerous idioms in modern English would be the following:

Idiom: Cheap as chips
Definition: very inexpensive.
Example: “Only a fiver for a ticket — cheap as chips mate!”

So, if you want to learn more about idioms you shouldn’t miss our “Idiom of the week” posts.